License & Approvals

Broadcasters who wish to broadcast on Freesat must have a valid Media License issued by the Ministry of Mass Media.

For more info please contact,
Ministry of Mass Media
163 Asi Disi Medura
Kirulapone Mawatha
Telephone: 011-251-3459


Freesat offer DVB Digital Television Broadcasting in Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD) & Ultra High Definition (4K UHD)

Broadcaster should comply with the respective broadcasting standards they wish to broadcast in order to be qualified in respective technology on freesat.

Standard Definition (SD) – 576i (720×576)
High Definition (HD) – 1080i (1920×1080)
Ultra High Definition (4K UHD) – 2160i (3840×2160)

To qualify for HD and 4K UHD, a broadcaster should mainly produce and deliver content in respective standard and the amount of lower definition content should not exceed more than 20% of total programming time.

Broadcaster should not carry a logo representing HD or 4K if they are not qualified for those standards by freesat. In the event of lower standard content are been aired on a qualified higher definition channel, (i.e. news footage) a clear tag should be visible to inform the viewer about the lower definition format content at such times.


Broadcasters should provide the contribution feed over dedicated metro ethernet contribution link to Freesat contribution network’s multicast point in following standards,

SDI input with embedded audio
Encoded in MPEG-4 with 4:2:2 chroma sampling
Transport Stream over IP
alone with reasonable forward error correction

For more information please contact freesat broadcaster support on

Channel Slot Allocation

Channel slots on Freesat will be allocated on first come first serve basis in designated channel block range for different content types.

Broadcasters can request for a preferred channel slot and will be allocated subject to availability.

To request preferred channel slot please email on

Right to Revoke

Freesat reserve the right to revoke any channel been broadcasting through the freesat platform
upon the request from Ministry of Mass Media.

Immediate suspension of broadcast may result upon such request and can be reinstate
only after the revocation of such been made by the Ministry.